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The Secret Of Success At Work

THE most successful people don’t work longer or harder than others. They know that common sense has to accompany educational qualification. They know that with common sense you can understand your work environment better and be happy at work. If you are happy at work, your manager is happy with you and you make progress. Follow these guidelines to be work happy.

Do not complain

If your friend who you consider “does not know-anything” gets promoted above all of you keep your opinion to yourself. Being sidelined when other workers are elevated can be painful, but it is quite common in establishments. Continue to work as hard as you have always done. Do not be as bitchy as to tell your superiors the areas you know that he might fail to perform to expectation.

Nobody would listen to you any way because they saw one good quality before elevating him. Concentrate on improving your own standard and ask your supervisor what you can do to contribute more. Take challenging assignments and do them the way you know the company approves. Your own good qualities would show themselves and you are bound for success.

Take initiative

If you have an idea that you think will be of benefit to your company, mention it to your head and see how your suggestion is received. If he approves but fails to give you a go-ahead, remind him after some time has passed. Not mentioning it again does not mean that he has lost interest or never intended to implement your suggestion.

Put it into action. Implementing it could also mean that you are doing double work, but it could also be your means to success. It is your idea and your enthusiasm to introduce it could lead to a job well done and a feeling of personal achievement. But do your normal assignment equally well with as much interest.

Take responsibility for your action

The confident worker who wants to succeed does not blame others for his mistakes. He takes responsibility, look for ways to correct them and carry them out.

Nobody is beyond errors. Admit it when you have goofed. You make the authority take offence when you blame someone else or plead for forgiveness before you have found a solution.

Admit what you have done wrong and solve it before you come to your senior. You win his respect because you have shown that you can solve your problem yourself. It makes your colleagues respect you as a person who can work under pressure. When you beg for forgiveness, you waste time, precious time you would all use to do other things.

Apologize briefly then say what you have done to correct your mistake.

Dare to be different

Look at the way your co-workers dress for example. While company policy might not have dictated dark colours and its branded sweat shirts, majority of your colleagues wear dark colours and company’s logo which gives the impression of a corporate uniform. Many workers may find it easy to follow the habit. But as one, who wants success, dare to stand out form the crowd. This does not mean that you wear tights or legging to work. You do not have to wear very bright colours either. Wear classic suits, but with your own choice of colours.

Going with the flow is not for someone who has a goal. Being just another worker will not get you that promotion.

But while you can break some of the rules, stepping totally out of tune with the general style of dressing in the workplace will not be to your advantage. For example, wearing a pair of jeans you have tried to upgrade with a jacket where your colleagues are in well cut suits would hardly sell in a corporate establishment. You may be noticed but as a player instead of a hard worker.

Aim to create your own identity which makes people you meet remember you. Try unique jewelery, bold and matching. It won’t be bad if you are known for your flashy but classic suit. You would still be within the law of corporate dressing. One thing I love about being   around the Marina is the bevy of corporate beauties you see crossing the road, bankers and other players in the corporate industry.  Sometimes the black suits make you think that you are on the other side of central Lagos, the Lagos High Court, until you look down at their feet and chuckle at the superb quality of the killer heels. That is the idea-the rolling skyscraper wedges and the tottering eight-inch stilettos in eye catching colours.

Friendships at work

Play is also important where you work. The workplace is where you spend the best part of the day so be friendly. But be careful with those you chose to relax with. Discuss with those who will add value to your work life not the one that will hinder your way to success.

Take Funke for example. She is known for spreading every rumour in the office. Some people who are eager to know what is going on in the office count her as a friend while some simply avoid her as the plague. But some people, very few indeed see her a good thing in her – a tool with which to go up higher because just as  she knows who have just filled the receptionist’s register, she knows what big contract has just come to the company and the moment the general pay rise was agreed upon and she has already spread it before the official announcement.

The upwardly mobile career person would be friends with Funke. But she would be wise enough to discuss only work with her because as she is spreading the gist about official business so she is tearing apart the personal lives of those who confide in her about other things.

If you say too much, she will reveal what you say to others. If you are always seen with her, you will gain notoriety and be known as a nosy and unserious work like her. Discourage her from coming too close by appearing to have a deadline to meet when she stops by to chat.

Author:Alita Joseph

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